"MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK" by Kate Moross

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美大生からNike, Topshop, Gooleなどのデザイナーを手がけるまで、Kate Morossはグラフィックアーティストにとって夢のような人生を歩んでいるようなアーティストです。しかし、全てが順調だった訳ではありません。この本ではKate Moross自身がカジュアルに、とても率直に、競争の激しいクリエイティブ業界にてどのようにやっていくかを語っています。


彼女が多く手がける音楽関連のパッケージやビデオのクリエイションについてや、エージェントの見つけ方、今までのキャリアの中での重要な点について、Google, Adidas, Nokia, 音楽関係ではSimian Mobile Disco, Jessie Ware, Zomby,やPictureplaneなどのクライアントへの、大胆でカラフルな作品例と共に語っています。グラフィックアートを仕事・趣味にしたい人どちらにもぴったりの本です。2014年4月にはこの本の出版を記念してロンドンのカムデンタウン、Cob Galleryにて初の個展を開催しました。

Kate Moross(ケイト・モロス)
ロンドンを拠点に活動するアートディレクター、イラストレーター、デザイナー。彼女のカラフルでエネルギッシュな作品の数々が注目を集め、ミュージックビデオ、テキスタイル、アイデンティティ、ミューラル、ファッション、雑誌のカバーなど幅広いジャンルで活躍しています。イギリスのポップミュージシャンであるONE DIRECTIONのツアービジュアルや数々のミュージシャンのビジュアルやアイデンティティなどを手掛けるSTUDIO MOROSSも立ち上げました。

About Make Your Own Luck

From art school student to designer for Nike, Topshop, and Google, Kate Moross has lived the life that most aspiring graphic artists can only dream of. But it hasn’t always been a smooth ride. In this informative guide Kate Moross offers true insider’s tips on how to make it in a highly competitive field. Written in an approachable, forthright and refreshingly honest tone, Make Your Own Luck features chapters on how to thrive in art school, developing your own style, how to self-‐ promote, collaboration with other artists, how to deal with “copycats,” and when to consider working for free.

Kate Moross also touches on the fine points of music packaging and videos, how to find an agent, and looks back on the touchstone moments that helped shape her career. Designed to mimic Moross’s signature bold, brightly coloured style, this book is filled with dozens of examples of her work for companies such as Google, Adidas, and Nokia, as well as musicians including Simian Mobile Disco, Jessie Ware, Zomby, and Pictureplane. Irreverent and packed with enormously helpful tips for designers of all stripes, Make Your Own Luck is certain to become an indispensable guide for anyone interested in graphic art as a vocation or hobby.

In April 2014 Kate celebrated the launch of the book with her first solo exhibition at the Cob Gallery in Camden Town.

Kate Moross

Kate Moross is an award-winning multi-tasking illustrator, art director, director and designer. She burst on to the creative scene back in 2008 when her love for colour and energetic squiggles caught the eye of anyone and everyone, spawning a host of imitators and propelling her to be one of the most sought after collaborators in the design world. Since then Kate has spent her time applying her magic touch to music videos, textiles, identities, murals, fashion and magazine covers for big-time publications. Recently Studio Moross – which she set up to focus on branding, art direction and commercial projects – created the much talked-about tour visuals for One Direction. Despite her busy schedule, Kate always making time to put on her own solo shows and give some sit-up-in-your-seat lectures to large audiences – often bemoaning the overuse of the word “inspiration”.