ICE ICE BABY one-Hit wonders 1955-2015

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ドイツを拠点の活動するイラストレーター、Caroline Löbbert(キャロライン・ロバート)のイラストが全ページに使われている、音楽業界の「一発屋」についてという珍しい本。


Caroline LöbbertとMarcus Lucas(マーカス・ルーカス)はこの本の中で80人ものそうしたアーティストに焦点を当て、可愛らしいユーモアのあるイラストで彼らのストーリーを語っています。1950年代のロックとR&Bの伝説Screamin 'Jay Hawkins("I Put A Spell On You")、Carl Perkins("Blue Suede Shoes")から、21世紀のインターネットを最も騒がせたとも言えるPsy("Gangnam Style")、Baauer ("Harlem Shake”)など。その爆発的なヒットに比べて、どんな人が歌っているかを知っている人は曲に比べそこまで多くないでしょう。

Caroline Löbbert(キャロライン・ロバート)

Generally speaking, One-Hit-Wonder is considered to be one-of-a-kind flies who have made it to the charts with more luck than reason, but who lack the
ability or the assertiveness for a really big career. The often moving and always amazing stories behind such "one-hit wonders" are not known to most.

In this book, Carolin Löbbert and Marcus Lucas tell eighty of these stories, lovingly and humorously illustrated: By legendary Rock'n Roll and R & B heroes of the 1950s like Screamin 'Jay Hawkins ("I Put A Spell On You") or Carl Perkins ( "Blue Suede Shoes") to the Internet phenomena of the 21st century such as Psy ("Gangnam Style") or Baauer ("Harlem Shake"). From obscure bands and artists,
whose name meanwhile hardly anyone can connect with their unforgettable hits - who knows Domenico Modugno ("Volare"), Bruce Channel ("Hey! Baby") or Norman Greenbaum ("Spirit In The Sky")? - to celebrities like Princess Stephanie of Monaco ("Irresistible"), Patrick Swayze ("She's Like The Wind") or Paris Hilton ("Stars Are Blind").

Carolin Löbbert is a Hamburg based artist actively working on numerous art shows around the world as well as starting to establish her name as an illustrator / graphic designer. Her illustrations are poetic, gracious, contemplative and she always puts special care to the detail of the work with her sensitivity. Her works has been commissioned to different magazines and anthologies because of the strength of her work which comes from the strong connection to the subject matter she chose and the relation to the social issue. She did an exchange semester at the »école supérieure des arts décoratifs de Strasbourg« (ESAD) in 2005, and graduated at the University of Applied Sciences (Department Design) at Hamburg in 2008. Since 2003, Carolin has participated in several exhibitions in the place such as Berlin, Strasbourg and Tokyo. At the moment she is living and working in Hamburg and expanding her creative output to the wide range of projects.